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irl Ireland
Defender, Midfielder, Forward
Current Team

Gavin Murray



Swans (Dublin) , UTS Bats (Sydney) , Tigers (Perpignan)

Favourite AFL Position:-
Ruck or Forward

AFL Honours: European Championship team of the tournament

Other Sporting Honours: Representing my county at all levels in Gaa

Preferred Guernsey Number: 9 / 11

Favourite AFL Player: Max Gawn

Favourite Inspirational Quote:
If you go out with the boys you better be able to get up with the men.

If you could magically pick the attributes of any AFL Players what would they be ?
Garry Rohans speed, Buddy’s accuracy and Nic Naitanui’s hands

Q. How long have you been playing AFL and how did you get involved in Aussie Rules?
Ive been playing for 6 years and I was first told about it by Marty Ryan, a Swans clubmate, at work.

Q. What aspect of Aussie Rules attracted you to the game?
Love a good mark

Q. What are you looking forward to most about IC’17?
Spending 3 weeks engrossed in everything footy and having the craic with the lads.

Q. What preparation work are you currently doing in advance of IC17?
Training has stepped up a notch from other years, we are training collectively as a team every two weeks but individually we all have our own specific training programme. It’s tough to stick to sometimes but it’ll all be worth it come August.

Q. What is your stand out moment in your AFL career to date?
Getting selected on the AFL Sydney team of the week twice

Q. Who has been your toughest opponent on the footy pitch and why?
Andrew Browning – East Coast Eagles. He’s just a big fella that’s able to throw his weight and beard around!

Q. What other sports do you play and how do they compliment AFL?
I play Gaelic Football for Blessington Gaa. I think GAA and AFL are alike in lots of ways, catching, kicking out of hand and the handpass. Converting over isn’t too hard if you’re willing to put in a bit of practice.

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