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irl Ireland
Defender, Forward
Current Team
11 Coilin Lordan, IRL, LIONS
Past Teams
11 Coilin Lordan, UCC

Name:Colin Lordan


Nickname(s):Lundy or Lordy

Leeside Lions,
High Park  Demons (Toronto) ,
Wimbledon Hawks (London)

Favourite AFL Position:
Full Forward

AFL Honours:
1 x ARFLI Premiership,
1 x  Euro Cup Runners Up
1 x  Euro Cup Third Place
1 x European Championship Runners Up

Other Sporting Honours:
3 Limerick Senior Football Championships,
1 Munster Senior Football Club Championships,
4 West Limerick Senior Football Championships
2 Limerick Senior Football Leagues
Numerous other underage medals
Declared an honorary “Portuguese Cult Hero” by former AFL Europe Chairman Chris Dow in Live Stream Commentary.

Preferred Guernsey Number: 11

Favourite AFL Player:
To be honest I love watching all forwards play to study the runs and the way they lose their maker to win primary possession or getting in to support the contest and gather crumbs, as well as kicking goals galore. Things like that are a natural talent and you can’t teach that.

Two lads who’re a natural at that and have often done untold are Cyril Rioli, and Eddie Betts. Hail Hail lads.

Favourite Inspirational Quote: “You must always accept that the National Coaches know more than you do”.

If you could magically pick the attributes of any AFL Players what would they be ?
·         Accuracy!!!!!! And I’m pretty sure all the lads will agree with that.
·         The ability to kick like Eddie Betts or evade a tackle like Cyril Rioli
·         A right leg like my left wouldn’t go astray either.

Q. How long have you been playing AFL and how did you get involved in Aussie Rules?
Been playing for about 5 years now. When I was living in Canada I was invited to a game one morning by one of the lads I has meet on a night out. Kicked a few goals and got a taste of more, so I continued playing on my return to Ireland and have been playing since.

Q. What aspect of Aussie Rules attracted you to the game?
Physicality, the reward for the mark and the discipline were probably the main things what stood out for me coming from a GAA background. The 50m penalty is a great punishment for indiscipline etc. and  something that should be brought into the GAA and that black card nonsense sentenced to deletion.

Q. What are you looking forward to most about IC’17?
Getting the opportunity to travel and actually represent your country in an international tournament is one of the most rewarding achievements for any athlete/individual ( It will also be great to play the game and not have locals looking at you in sheer confusion as to what in God’s name you are playing). Also can’t wait to get amongst like-minded people from across the world who have the same passion and love of the game as myself and the atmosphere at the opening ceremony. I’m just gonna soak it in maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

Q. What preparation work are you currently doing in advance of IC17?
Like everyone else I’m working on my  general S&C stuff, as well as trying to play and watch as much football as possible weekly. On top of that I’m trying to drain as much information off any Aussies I meet who have grown up playing the game.

Q. What is your stand out moment in your AFL career to date?
Every moment you stand in green and blast out Amhran na bhFiann is something special that makes the hairs on the back of the neck stand up.  Our back from the death victory v England in the Euro Cup last year was definitely one that won’t be forgotten either. Down mid-way through second half to win by few goals at the end was a great feeling.

Q. Who has been your toughest opponent on the footy pitch and why?
Any man wearing a Belfast Redbacks guernsey, always a great game when we play each other and by God you know you’ve been in a game afterwards. Usually there’s never more than a kick in it.

Q. What other sports do you play and how do they complement AFL?
Hurling, Gaelic Football, and soccer.

In Gaelic Football you have a pretty similar game with the fielding, kicking, multi directional runs etc aspect of things, however there’s no reward for high fielding as such in our games and you usually end up with a swarm of defenders hanging off and over carrying possession, again in the hurling you have the fielding aspect but you also have the defenders beating you with a piece of timber. Therefore its great fielding in AFL knowing you’ll be rewarded and not murdered when you go up for a ball.

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